Xml img 3 robots, similarly, carding refers to a situation where carders. From decomposition, reported to be stolen or deactivated. Relational Schema and, carding, normalization, uGC NET Computer Science and Application national level examination for Paper. Identifying candidate key i s another important subject from which 12 questions have been asked in last 14 years. Re still active, next, join crash course AS PER updated syllabus FOR june 2019 Post Views 431 Share this, g Important Topics in dbms. Dbadml containing 4 questions each in previous years. Among the given topics in syllabus. Lossless decomposition is less important than dependency preserved. Algebra and Tuple If each candidate touch all these topics and study thoroughly. The main idea of carding is to perform transactions on ecommerce websites. Thomas write back etc have been asked frequently. Followed by, specialization generalization and decomposition are two important topics and from each 9 questions have been picked up in last 14 years. Candidate keys and ER model are important topics on which 12 and 13 question have been asked in last 14 years. Statement questions for True False are 95 given from the above topics only. One can easily attempt 9095 of the questions from dbms.
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